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3 Tips That Will Enhance Your Pizza Delivery Experience

by Paul Watson

Pizza is one of the most consumed foods in America, with about 350 slices of pizza being eaten every second. On top of being amazingly delicious, one of the best things about pizzerias is that they deliver. If you're too tired to get out of the house or if you just want to enjoy a quiet meal at home while you play games or relax, you can easily order a pizza through the phone or online. Consider these 3 tips to make sure that the pizza makes it to your door safe and sound and in good shape and to make the most out of the experience.

Look for Restaurants that Offer Customization by the Slice

If you're ordering pizza for the whole family, you might spend a lot of time debating the type of toppings that should be on the pizza. While you might love pepperoni, your spouse might be more of a cheese lover or might want to try a different type of topping.

There's no longer a need to compromise, as many pizza delivery services will customize your pizza by the slice. If not, most pizzerias are willing to put different toppings on different areas of the pizza. As a result, everyone gets what they want.

Request for the Pizza to be Unsliced

Most pizzas come sliced; however, you'll find that the pizza quality will greatly increase if you request for your order to be delivered unsliced. You will find that the dough and the crust will be a lot more chewy or crispy and less soggy. The flavors of the pizza will also be enhanced.

When the pizza is sliced prior to delivery, the cooked toppings will emit moisture. This excess moisture gets trapped inside the delivery box, and will soak into the crust and the dough of the pizza. This causes the topping to slide off of the pizza. It also has a negative impact on flavoring.

Ask for a Pizza Saver

The piece of plastic that is sometimes placed on top of delivery pizza is known as the pizza saver. The pizza saver was first invented in 1983, and it has since saved Americans from having to eat soggy or squished pizza that has a majority of its toppings striped off by the delivery box. The pizza saver acts as a buffer between the pizza and the delivery box, so that the toppings will not come into contact with the delivery box no matter how much the box gets tossed around.

Not all pizzerias add a pizza saver nowadays automatically or the kitchen may at times forget to put one on top of the pizza. It never hurts to ask for a pizza saver just to make sure that you don't end up with squished pizza.


Enjoy delicious delivered pizza using the tips mentioned above. With the many local pizzerias like Barros Pizza around, finding a pizzeria that can offer the type of toppings that you desire is a piece of cake. Keep an eye out for promotional offers and discounts, and you can easily get pizza delivered without spending too much money.