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Football Tailgating Vendors: Restaurant Equipment Ideal for Starting Your Seasonal Business

by Paul Watson

Tailgating has transformed the world of football. What once used to be a few small grills and some fans has transformed into a large industry that spans both professional and college football leagues. If you're interested in turning tailgating into a profitable enterprise, then you need to have proper equipment that can get the job done. As you plan to set up your vendor booth, there are a number of restaurant equipment supplies that can convert into ideal pieces of tailgating equipment. As you plan out your menu and logistics, consider the following four pieces of equipment to purchase. Each piece can make a big difference on the food and quality of your service.

Oversized Panini Grills

Large traditional grills are ideal for cooking up meats like chickens, steaks, and ribs, but you can have alternative cooking options by purchasing an oversized panini grill. Save space on your traditional grill by using a panini grill for tailgating food items like hot dogs and hamburgers. When setting up hot dogs on a panini grill, it's easy to cook a large batch all at once. The hot dogs are spread out evenly, and the grill is pressed down onto the hot dogs until they are fully cooked. When serving up sandwiches like cheeseburgers or grilled cheese, five to ten seconds underneath the panini grill is ideal for melting cheese and providing a fresh taste. The flat surface of the grill makes it easy to clean between meals.

Conveyor Ovens

While you are cooking, it can become hard to monitor multiple meals at once. When items need to be baked for a specific amount of time, one of the best solutions is a conveyor oven. Items on a conveyor oven are set on one side and automatically moved through the heating element. Once the items reach the opposite side of the oven, they are ready to be removed and served to customers. One of the most common uses of a conveyor oven is to cook pizza. When you are hosting tailgating events, pizza is a great party food, but there are a number of other meals you can make in the conveyor oven. Small pasta dishes can easily heat up and have their cheese melted when they are sent through. The conveyor oven is also ideal for creating a number of different desserts like brownies or cookies. The more you get used to the oven, the more you can diversify your different cooking options.

Holding Cabinets

During certain points of the day, your tailgating tent may experience large lines of customers. This includes when the tailgating area first opens, in the minutes before a game starts, or even during post-game festivities. To help keep lines moving, you can purchase a holding cabinet for various foods. Holding cabinets are enclosed food warmers that can be set to specific temperatures. A traditional food warmer typically keeps the food exposed to the air. In a tailgating environment, this may include exposure to dirt and debris that is naturally found in a number of parking lots. A holding cabinet will keep the items fresh and clean. A countertop holding cabinet is easy to access and features the portability needed for tailgating. It can be used to hold cooked burgers, hot dogs, or items like French fries. As you choose your tailgating menu, you can find ideal ways to use a holding cabinet.

Soup Kettles

As you get through your first season a tailgating vendor, you may realize how cold conditions can get with the arrival of autumn and eventually winter. During these times, many tailgaters may seek warm comfort foods. A soup kettle can keep liquid foods warm and ready to serve. You can use kettles to serve up a fresh bowl or chili or chicken noodle soup. Instead of having to heat up a cup or bowl each time, the kettle will provide plenty of warmth and can be used throughout the whole day of working at your tent.

Budgeting for these supplies will help you plan out essential items and understand what products will best serve your needs. For more information about restaurant equipment supplies, contact a company such as Louis Wohl & Sons Inc.