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The Benefits Of Using K-Cups Over Canister Or Bag Coffee

by Paul Watson

If you enjoy the taste and pick-me-up coffee provides, you may have wondered if purchasing a K-cup machine to make single servings of this beverage has benefits over making a full pot. There are several reasons why people swear by their Keurig machine to make them a perfect cup of coffee each and every time. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider making the switch yourself.

The Variety Is Substantial

There are many different brands that manufacture K-cup coffee for consumer purchase. Within each brand, you also have a vast selection of flavors to choose from, such as donut shop Keurig. When you purchase bagged or canned coffee in a grocery store or market, you will most likely notice there is a range between light and dark coffee as well as a few favorite flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, or chocolate. The K-cup flavors are far more in number in these establishments, giving you the chance to pick out something new each time you visit to make a purchase. If you wanted to try these flavors in ground or bean form to place in a full-sized coffee pot, you would most likely need to special order them or visit a gourmet coffee store.

The Coffee Is Protected

When you purchase K-cups, you will enjoy knowing that each single serving is packaged in a way where it is totally protected from any type of outside contamination. Nitrogen is packed inside of each cup before it is sealed, helping the grounds to retain their freshness and keep their full flavor. Unless a cup becomes punctured, the contents will not be penetrated by light, moisture, or air, giving you only the freshest flavor when you brew your perfect cup of coffee.

There Is No Waste

When you use a full-sized coffee machine to brew your beverage, there is a chance you will inaccurately gauge the amount of coffee you will consume. If you use too much product to make your pot of coffee, it ends up being wasted or you will need to reheat it later on. Reheating coffee is certainly possible, but the flavor will not be as pleasing the second time around. Instead of wasting money on coffee that is not used, purchasing K-cups is a great alternative. The machine will brew your coffee quickly as there is not as much to water down and heat up. If you decide you would like another cup, simply pick out another K-cup to place in the machine. You also have the option in switching flavors if desired.