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K-Cup Tips For Coffee Lovers

by Paul Watson

If you consider yourself a true coffee fan or a lover of fine coffee, a Keurig-style coffee maker may not be your first choice. But you really can get a great cup of coffee out of these machines. It comes down to using the K-cup tips and hacks below.

Buy higher-end K-cups.

When you visit a store and shop for K-cups, you will notice that most are filled with the big-brand, popular coffees. But if these coffees are not to your liking, you can find more expensive, higher-end K-cups filled with single-origin, gourmet coffees. These are worth the extra cost if you love your fancy coffee.

Only buy as many cups as you can use in a month.

When people are unhappy with the taste of their K-cup coffee, it is often because that coffee is stale. It can be tempting to buy big boxes of K-cups since they're usually cheaper when you buy them this way, but actually, you are better off buying your coffee cups in smaller packages. This way, you will use them all up within a month before they go stale.

Remove the K-cup after you're finished.

After you make a cup of coffee, lift the lid on the coffee maker and remove the K-cup immediately. Leaving it in place will cause your coffee machine to smell like stale coffee, and then your next cup will taste like stale coffee. Change the water regularly, too. K-cup coffee always tastes best when your water chamber has been freshly filled. 

Brew twice if the coffee is too strong.

K-cups contain the amount of coffee grounds that is generally needed to make a pretty strong cup of coffee. If you do not like your coffee this strong, there's an easy workaround. Make a cup of coffee with the machine on its largest mug size setting. Then, run it again with the machine on the smallest setting. Just make sure you're using a big mug with enough space for all of your coffee.

Stir your cream and sugar in after the coffee is brewed.

It can be tempting to add these mix-ins to the mug and then brew your coffee in that mug. However, this approach can scorch the milk and sugar and ruin the flavor of your coffee. Always stir any additions into the coffee after it is brewed.

With the K-cup tips above, you can make amazing coffee with these one-cup machines. Enjoy!