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Best Drinks Made With Colombian Whole Bean Coffee

by Paul Watson

Colombian whole bean coffee is well known for its nutty and fruity notes and is one of the most popular coffee varieties found around the world. Here are a few coffee drinks that bring out the delicious blend of tastes that make Colombian coffee such a favorite.

Tinto and Pintadito

These coffees are local Colombian favorites, easily found at street vendors or brewed and mixed at home on any given morning. Many Colombians prefer their coffee with plenty of sugar, which not only sweetens the taste but also removes bitterness left by caffeine.

A tinto is black coffee sweetened with sugar, and a pintadito is the same drink with milk added for a creamier finish. Pintaditos differ from lattes in that they have a lower milk-to-coffee ratio and no foam. Both of these drinks are easy to make at home with Colombian whole bean coffee as your starting ingredient.

Espresso-Based Drinks

Colombian coffee is robust and flavorful, making it a standout option for espresso and espresso-based drinks. These are the type of coffee drinks you can find on most café menus: Americano, cappuccino, and latte.

The full flavor of Colombian coffee makes a delectable espresso, usually served in a 2-oz. cup for sipping and savoring. Add hot water to this espresso shot, and you have an Americano. This dampens the strength of the coffee and increases the volume of the drink so it can be enjoyed for a longer period.

Colombian coffee is also delicious as a latte base with the foamed milk making a creamy hot beverage perfect for warming up. For those who enjoy flavored syrup in their lattes, vanilla, nut, or fruit flavors enhance the Colombian's natural flavor profile perfectly.

Cappuccino may be the best ratio for enjoying Colombian coffee with milk, as it uses less milk than a latte, allowing the full flavor of the coffee to persist. Cappuccinos also incorporate more foam on top of the drink which can act to mask some bitterness inherent in the coffee itself.

Dessert Drinks

Colombia is famous for its coffee, but did you know that cacao also comes from this part of the world? Mixing these two beloved flavors together results in a mocha latte anyone can appreciate. The flavors of Colombian whole bean coffee with chocolate and milk are a treat that brings out the best in each.

Colombian coffee can also be mixed with liquor or liqueur depending on your tastes for an evening dessert drink. Locally, aguardiente (a sweet liqueur) mixed with coffee is a favorite cocktail called carajillo.

Of course, Colombian whole bean coffee can be paired with your favorite dessert even on its own.  Freshly brewed, it complements chocolate, pastries, and fruit-based desserts well.