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Surf And Turf — Prepare A Memorable Meal

by Paul Watson

Surf and turf is a popular dinner choice at many casual and fine dining restaurants located along the coast. If you recently traveled to a region that features fresh seafood, you may be eager to recreate a similar dish at home. The following tips will aid with acquiring and using fresh seafood and beef that will be well-received by you and your dinner companions. 

Pick Your Menu

Pick your favorite pairings from your past dining experiences. Surf and turf typically features a seafood ingredient and a beef sidekick. Your preferences concerning each component will be what aids you in elevating your meal. Many seafood shops sell everything from shrimp to lobster. Being aware of seasonal favorites and price points will help you acquire the best components for the meal that you will be preparing.

In addition, consider where you will be purchasing beef from, to make the meat and seafood selections truly complement one another. Once you have your food options selected, create a menu that showcases how many ounces of each ingredient you will need to create the dish you have in mind.

Shop And Prepare

You may want to purchase the seafood that you will use in your meal from an establishment that advertises fresh catches every day. This type of business will likely collaborate with local fishermen or have fishermen of their own who perform the 'daily catches' that are later showcased within the seafood shop. Seafood is often priced by the pound and according to the quality of a particular type of fish. The season that a seafood variety was caught in could also have a bearing on the final cost that you are charged.

Keep your fresh seafood refrigerated or frozen, depending on when you will be serving it. Additionally, contact a local butcher or another source which you will be acquiring beef from. Choose a portion of beef that will coincide well with the seafood.

When you are ready to prepare the meal, use butter sauces, spices, fresh herbs, and vegetables to make your surf and turf meal shine. If you prefer a little bit of acidity with this type of meal, slice a lemon and lay a lemon wedge on your plate and on the plate for anyone else who will be sharing this special meal with you. Grill, bake, or pan-fry the ingredients that you have selected. Once finished, dish it up and enjoy.

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