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  • Best Drinks Made With Colombian Whole Bean Coffee

    28 September 2021

    Colombian whole bean coffee is well known for its nutty and fruity notes and is one of the most popular coffee varieties found around the world. Here are a few coffee drinks that bring out the delicious blend of tastes that make Colombian coffee such a favorite. Tinto and Pintadito These coffees are local Colombian favorites, easily found at street vendors or brewed and mixed at home on any given morning.

  • Three Types of Ice Makers to Buy for Your Restaurant

    3 June 2021

    If you're working toward opening a restaurant, you need a plan for how you'll have ice available. Restaurants go through a significant amount of ice daily. Although most of it goes in patrons' drinks, there are other ways that ice can come in handy. Instead of continuously buying bagged ice, it's a better idea to make your own — and for that, you'll need a commercial-grade ice maker. One thing that you'll notice upon visiting a local restaurant equipment supplier is that there are several different types of available ice makers.